Managing natural ecosystems.

Major discussions of this day are on scaling effective solutions that protect, restore, and beneficially manage nature ecosystems, addressing drivers of nature loss, empowering Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and creating resilient livelihoods.

COP28 saw breakthroughs to protect and restore nature, on its Nature, Land Use and Oceans Day  
New countries endorsed a Mangrove Breakthrough, to secure 15 million hectares globally by 2030 
21 new countries committed to develop Sustainable Ocean Plans, to bring half of the world’s oceans under sustainable management by 2030 
UAE announced $100 million of new funding for nature and climate projects 
UAE and Indonesia launched the International Mangrove Research Center 
Ministers issued a joint statement on the use of sustainable timber, on forest protection, and to scale high-quality forest carbon finance and markets by 2025  
“If we don’t stop deforestation, we will destroy the lungs of the planet” - U.S. Special Climate Envoy, John Kerry 
In the Green Zone, there were no empty seats at events to celebrate mangroves, corals and the Amazon, and the importance of saving them