Innovative approaches to close the finance gap.

This thematic day at COP28 focuses on three key aspects: scaling up efforts, improving access, and enhancing affordability.

Momentum is building to deliver a significant climate agreement at COP28, as Parties rallied around Declarations to get the world moving, on health, food and resilience.  
Some 68 countries endorsed the COP28 UAE Declaration on Gender-Responsive Just Transition, with gender equality, trade, and finance topping Monday’s themes 
Some 73 countries joined a call to action, to lenders to expand the use of debt relief that releases money for vulnerable debtors to build climate resilience 
In the Green Zone, experts engaged in a fireside chat on Africa’s green revolution.  




These discussions spotlight blended financial solutions that involve actions in financial and carbon markets by UAE institutions, international partners, IFIs, and Philanthropies, generating new financing resources for climate transition, specifically for developing economies.



These discussions highlight the role of international trade in advancing climate action, encouraging the global trade community to actively contribute to solutions. This includes supporting a just transition and facilitating market access for MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) to engage with global supply chains and governments.


This day encourages negotiations on a gender just transition by advocating for equitable emerging green sectors, supported by gender disaggregated data and gender-responsive finance.


This day establishes accountability by reinforcing accountability measures at COPs.This includes defining common standards and creating a foundation for greater accountability, especially for the private sector including a high-integrity Net Zero accountability and recognition system.