To facilitate operationalization of the objectives outlined in the COP28 Declaration on Climate, Relief, Recovery and Peace, governments and agencies are encouraged to contribute to an initial ‘Package of Solutions’. More information on the types of contributions can be found in the “Frequently Asked Questions” document included in the Declaration. 


1. Establishment of the new “Women and Climate Security Funding Initiative” together with the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) that will support local women’s civil society organizations and communities to enhance their active participation and leadership in climate security efforts at the forefront of preventing and responding to climate-related conflicts. The new initiative contributes to the triple nexus climate-gender-conflict. Activities on climate security in crisis contexts will be implemented and empower women to take part in capacity initiatives that build resilience to climate change and disasters, enhance knowledge on early warning, and collect climate-related data, and supporting women with skills on modern gardening techniques and diversification of resilient and climate-smart crops for enhanced food security.


Germany will provide 3 million Euro seed funding to launch the new “Women and Climate Security Funding Initiative” and finance first projects.


2. Support the work of the Climate Security Mechanism (CSM) to mainstream the climate & security nexus within the UN. The CSM develops more holistic approaches to address the multiple challenges of human security and climate change within UN missions. It provides climate security trainings, establishes strategies and explores innovative solutions for/in fragile and conflict-affected settings. A central instrument is the deployment of climate & security advisors that have worked with the missions and local stakeholders in South Sudan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa, Central Africa (UNOCA) and West Africa/Sahel (UNOWAS).


With new and additional funding, we will be able to respond to the demand and increase the number of advisors over the next years, supporting more UN missions and local communities with their expertise. Germany will triple its financial support for the CSM, providing 3 million Euro plus a JPO (Junior Professional Officer).